Likes vs Shares: Supporting the Messenger or the Message?

Businesses always wonder about the value of a Like versus a Share. Each of these actions has different meaning. We can look to how people choose one of these things when curating content for their own lives and personal brands.

In a conversation with a friend of mine about re-starting my blog, he said he looked forward to reading my post in the morning and he might even share it, and would probably like it.

Liking something, be it a page, or a post is something we do to support the person who posted it. We might not agree with the content of the work, but we give props for doing something or becoming something. Say someone posts a link to their student film on YouTube. It could be terrible, but we would like the social media post anyway because they are a friend.

Sharing, on the other hand, means incorporating something into one’s personal brand. We share an article, or a video, or something someone else posted, when we agree with the message or content of the piece. We share when we want to be associated with that particular piece of culture.

Liking something and sharing something are two different attitudes. We like the messenger. We share the message.

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