What Is With the Generational Angst Online?

Lets take a look at this video. It is clearly a comedic piece made by Millennials looking to help re-brand our generation, and more likely try to launch some comedy careers, but lets not dwell on that part.

The video emphasizes the responsibility our parents generation had on present day circumstances of Generation Y.

It seems to be a follow up to two other pieces recently published and circulating around the internet.
The first is from Huffington Post. The second is the rebuttal to the HuffPo piece.



It is not that this topic is new, it just seems like there was a sudden burst of angst online in the past three days. As I write this the video has about 150,000 views. Surely us Millennials are internet savvy, but I would have hoped we would be a bit more brand savvy when representing ourselves.

If this video were a commercial for something, because lets face it, everyone is selling something, and that something in this case is the production company and I would also say, my generation, then I would have hoped to have seen a call to action at the end, like any good internet marketer knows to do. Perhaps a little something something to help activate sleepy citizens.

Maybe we are only in the beginning of getting our act together. The first step to recovery is admitting there is a problem and it seems that Millennials are increasingly vocal about the fact that there is a problem.

We are, however, educated and savvy enough to start solving it.

And I guess props go to these authors of these pieces because they are starting to open up a conversation about the bigger picture.

Help others see the bigger picture. And maybe, just maybe, we can be political without being in the middle of an election cycle, instead of strictly comedic.

2 thoughts on “What Is With the Generational Angst Online?

  1. LOVE this! From a Gen Xer 😉


    1. Thanks for reading! I felt like something needed to be addressed.


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