Why I Didn’t Go To The Ramen Festival In Torrance


When you are a fan of something there comes a point where you might need to pick your battles and draw a line for how far you area actually really willing to go for your fandom.

Confession. I am a foodie. I also love ramen.

I spend enough time at conventions and festivals to know how to maneuver through them with expert precision. I usually do as much planning in advance as possible and understand what I am getting myself into.  I recently had an unpleasant convention line experience at BeautyCon. The event was in its first year and there were a lot of kinks to get worked out. I ended up outside, in line, for six hours before entering the convention without enough water, sans sunscreen and there was no shade to be found.

So I had the sense enough to ask a friend who had been to the ramen festival the day before for the details. The festival was in its first year and I was sure it would be a zoo.  I had become unexpectedly crunched for time earlier that morning, due to my boyfriend getting a gig,  and needed all the information I could get. He and I are food adventurers, but our commitment to this ramen adventure was tested.

As it turns out, the festival started to sound like more and more like an exercise in standing in line, and the ratio of waiting to eating seemed to me like it would be incredibly imbalanced.

2 hours to get in, and then another line to buy food and drink tickets than more lines for each ramen vendor coupled with being outside, no seating, 90 degrees outside, 45 minutes away, and I would only have three and a half hours there, the fan adventure tipped in the favor of not going.

We know that at food festivals, the food is never as good as one would get in a restaurant and is not made with as much care because it needs to be made to scale. I had recently eaten a ramen burger at First Friday in Venice Beach earlier that month. Sometimes fandom just isn’t worth the stress.

We went to the new West Los Angeles location of Daikokuya instead. I was happy with that decision.

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