Will It Blend? Blendtec Blenders Killing It on YouTube

Talk about excellent, native to YouTube advertising!

Blendtec has one of my favorite online strategies of all time. Stemming from the desire to film a commercial on the cheap with a blender designed to handle stresses beyond the average kitchen, the “Will It Blend?” videos manage to maintain relevance and attain notoriety.

The videos are all stress tests or curiosities featuring items that ought not be blended. The beauty of this format is it showcases the product and can be evergreen by blending whatever the new hot thing is, from phones, to video games, to hardware, to glow sticks.

Some of them have hit millions of views. Many of them are in the six figures. The aesthetics are simple, and production value isn’t any higher than it needs to be. In no universe would these ever make it as traditional television commercials. They say almost nothing about the product.

The videos are merely neat tricks, but isn’t that what is great about the internet? It doesn’t try to hard. Rock on Blendtec.

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