“Hip Hop Shopping Spree” and Miley Cyrus in “23”

The CDZA had a very witty video chronicling product mentions in a smattering of hip-hop songs. I wonder if every time a musician mentions a product, someone associated with that product gets paid. Doubtful.

I was reminded of this because I just saw the Mike WiLL Made It, Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus video for “23”, which is an anthem to Michael Jordan’s Bulls number and pays tribute to Jordan’s eponymous shoes.  The song references Grape 5s, Wolf Greys, Flu Game 12s, and Space Jam 11s.  Converse Chuck Talyors get a mention as well because Wiz Khalifa made a deal with Converse and has his own collection of Chuck Taylors.

The uncensored music video can be seen here:

This reminded me of a video I had seen by a popular high school YouTube Beauty Guru MakeupByMandy24 who attributes her buying a Chicago Bulls jersey, despite not knowing much about the team, to Miley Cyrus because Miley wore one. She talks about that purchase around the 2:40 mark in the following video:

If the “23” video adds hype to shoes and inspires girls outside of hip-hop culture to make purchases traditionally in hip-hop culture because of Miley, then that is powerful stuff. Brands can also be aware of what other major, totally unrelated influencers are saying about them and watch that trickle down from Miley at superstar level, to Mandy at the level of teenage girl vlogger who is YouTube famous, and to the average American girl.

NOTE: I am aware that the music video was posted after Mandy made her video, but she cites Miley wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey as the reason why she bought one, and this is Miley undeniably sporting Bulls gear and the video ties to both the CDZA video and MakeupByMandy24’s. Miley’s use of the jersey pre-dates the music video of her wearing it. The 23 video is just so ripe with dropping names of products.

Also, if the song doesn’t make any sense to you at all, one of my favorite sites, Rap Genius, can break it down for you here.

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