Why Empties Videos Are The Best Kind of Beauty Video

Empties videos like the one inserted here are the most telling of the Beauty on YouTube videos. I suppose a close runner up is the Whats In My Purse video. Unlike hauls, first impressions, tutorials, and monthly favorites Empties videos have some evidence of statements made.

Empties videos are the result of Beauty Gurus spending enough time with a product to make a decision on whether it is worth buying again. Buying something again is, for me, the sign of a great product.

Gurus talk about if they have similar enough products that they can get buy without repurchasing, or if it took them forever to use, or how many times they have repurchased something.

They weigh in on if a gift was too expensive to buy for themselves, or if something expensive they bought for themselves was not worth the money.

Gurus save bottles and jars and packaging until they have enough to fill about 10 minutes of time, and if they can still remember what they did or did not like about a product well after the immediacy of using it, then that too is something I am more likely to trust.

Empties videos, and seeing products that have been used up, to me, screams authentic.

2 thoughts on “Why Empties Videos Are The Best Kind of Beauty Video

  1. Reblogged this on Kenneth Leung, Thinking, Eating, Seeing and commented:
    Interesting new trend. I have seen a lot of haul videos but haven’t heard of empties video


    1. Thanks for commenting. Hauls are the most mainstream of the Beauty videos, but there are several other genres in the vertical.


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