10 YouTube Beauty Gurus to Follow

The Beauty Guru community on YouTube is big and it might be hard to figure out who to watch and is worth your time. There are social circles in the Beauty scene and I, as you might be able to notice, follow one of them in particular.  These are my top ten to watch.

10. MakeupByMandy24: If you are looking for a younger Guru, Amanda just started her freshman year of high school. The two middle schoolers standing in front of me in line at BeautyCon were excited to see her.

9. GregoryGorgeous: This dude has a cult following. He goes by Gigi and he has some great effeminate looks.

8.  SuperBeautyNerd: This redhead from across the pond is a TOTAL theater kid. She reminds me of my roommate from college. Her look is hipster classic.

7. missglamorazzi: She is probably one of the most successful and commercial Gurus on YouTube. She still has a certain authenticity that Blair and Elle Fowler have lost. Even when she is working with Brands she is tastefully transparent.

6. gossmakeupartist: This guy is a total professional. A makeup artist by trade, he is a resource for other Beauty Gurus to learn from. Whether you are looking for basics or advanced techniques this guy has it.

5. GlamLifeGuru: Tati is a drugstore girl with princess taste. I like her stuff. Although she is not as open about brand integrations, I have yet to try a product recommended by her that I didn’t like. She also posts a video each day Monday through Friday. Now that is work.

4. Bubzbeauty: This cute girl has launched an empire from her beauty and lifestyle channel. In addition to the standard beauty fare she also addresses healthy lifestyle choices like sleep and stress. She also manufactures her own line of makeup brushes. She is understated when it comes to mentioning specific products, favoring example of product types.

3. MacBarbie07: Bethany is colorful and whimsical. She is incredibly commercial, much like Missglamorazzi. They both work on episodic shows as well as their own channels. She does a lot of lifestyle work for the high-school crowd. She is at the cusp of too famous for YouTube, and although she runs the risk of going in the direction of mainstream media, losing her YouTube authenticity, watching the professionalization of a YouTuber is still a fascinating process.

2. EleventhGorgeous: These two sisters I had the pleasure of meeting at BeautyCon. They are drugstore girls with bubbly personalities. They have a great eye for business, but really are total fans. Although my aesthetic doesn’t remotely resemble either of theirs, I still love to watch their stuff. They work well with brands and are as honest as they get.

1. FleurDeForce: This girl is my favorite. She is beautiful and British. Her dogs make frequent appearances, and although her tastes are way more expensive than I can afford and a lot of her products only exist in Europe, her charisma carries her channel pretty far. She is also friends with a few other Beauty Gurus I enjoy watching.

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