Learning to Tumblr. Eulogy for LiveJournal

When I was a young fan, I got a LiveJournal (which I must admit, I still check on occasion). This was back when posting longer pieces of text online was just beginning to be accessible to everyone. I felt cool. I felt like part of something larger than myself. The privacy settings on LJ were amazing, and I am still not sure exactly how to maneuver through the web of LJ. 

LiveJournal still has its place for hardcore vidders and fair use advocates, but in an age of ever decreasing privacy, I am less and less inclined to post on that platform because I am at a point in my life where I value being searchable. 

The beauty of the Internet is, however, that even though I am late to the game re: Tumblr, the community will be no less accepting to me. I will still be able to communicate and engage because online being new is less important than being awesome. 

So, I guess the vlogbrothers and nerdfighteria have it right. Online, if I could pick only one rule of thumb, it would be, ” Don’t forget to be awesome.” 

And with that, I modernize. 

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