Speaking at YouPIX Con in Sao Paulo Brazil

I recently did my first international keynote speech at YouPIX con in Sao Paulo Brazil. It was a wonderful learning experience and a wonderful teaching experience.

YouPIX has traditionally been more of a creator/fan interaction, a la Community Track at VidCon (With about the same attendance). This event, put on by the same group, YouPIX, was an invitation only event that was live-streamed to ticket holders. Every guest worked at a very high level and so there were meaningful connections to be made by everyone.

While being alone in a foreign country can be challenging (and boy was I challenged) being at a professional event was enlightening, especially since I very much wanted to make new connections. I got some time to explore the city (which I spent with digital media folks, seeing where they worked, what they were working on etc). Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and I even got to tag along with YouPIX Con organizer Bia Granja as she went to a meeting with Google at their offices in Sao Paulo. The view from the room was phenomenal.

There are some great pieces about the event that I will link below (some of which Google does a reasonable translation from Portuguese to English).

This video was made by a private school system in Brazil called Pueri. They have a mini-YouTube space in their flagship school where students learn how to produce digital video and run YouTube channels. My interviewer was a very composed high schooler.

I was interviewed for a blog in advance of the event, to be published in conjunction with the event. Warning: This one only translates decently.


This one covers a lot of the broader themes that were addressed by the speakers that day.


I am also including the PDF of slides from my talk as well. Understanding Fandom – YouPIX Brazil – September 2015 FINAL PDF

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