Meredith Levine studies the language and behavior of fan communities in order to help brands and media companies communicate authentically with audiences, develop fandoms, and understand earned media landscapes. Before working at ZEFR she got her MA from UCLA in Critical Media Studies where her scholarship revolved around cultures of media production and consumption. She was part of the founding team along with Profs. Henry Jenkins and Denise Mann for the Transforming Hollywood (formerly Transmedia Hollywood) conference. One day she would like to be a Walt Disney Imagineer.sory experiences


Consultant, VidCon                                                                             July 2014-Present

  •    Ideation and outreach for panels and panelists for VidCon 2015
  •    Work with the VidCon team to fix problems from previous events.
  •    Research communities on YouTube that are currently underserved by VidCon.

Fanthropologist, ZEFR                                                                     October 2013-Present

  •    Provide stories for sales team and other teams at ZEFR to use for client facing decks.
  •    Consulting on engagement strategy, audience development strategy for clients
  •    Thought leadership, ideation and writing on Brand interaction in Fan spaces.
  •    Participant observation at fan events including: San Diego Comic Con, VidCon and BeautyCon.
  •    Writes e-Books, white papers and blog posts.

Special Projects, ZEFR/movieclips                                           April 2013-October 2013

  •    Part of an interdepartmental problem solving and research team for the company founders.
  •    Deck building for internal use at a Silicon Beach start up company.
  •    Researched and devised method for finding most impactful YouTube creators intersecting with the Harry Potter franchise.
  •    Qualitative research on the business landscape ZEFR operates in.

Associate Content Manager, Movieclips                                       June 2012-April 2013

  •    Managed film libraries though a Content Management System on behalf of major copyright owners.
  •    Find videos using manual search terms on YouTube
  •    Research and categorize kinds of fan made videos using copyrighted content.

Teacher, ACI Institute                                                                  January 2012-June 2012

  •    Teach 6th-10th grade students English/Language Arts/ Public Speaking
  •    Administer tests, grade essays, maintain a structured yet engaging classroom environment.
  •    Taught private lessons, working with students one-on-one and in small groups.

Experience Designer, Magixology                                     August 2010 – May 2013

  • Plan guest flow at events
  • Aid in design and marketing materials for custom drink menus
  • On-site set-up and breakdown
  • Prop and costume theming for staff

Research Assistant, Prof. Denise Mann UCLA,                   September 2009- June 2011

  • Researched information pertaining to transmedia enterprises
  • Dialogued about industrial and academic research already existing on desired subjects of research
  •    Brainstormed ideas for upcoming courses and conferences

Conference Coordinator, Transmedia Hollywood,             September 2009-June 2011

  • Researched panelist information and information for questions to be
  • Did graphic design work for presentations of the panels and panelists
  • Did logistical work for a conference with over 200 attendees.
  • Covered the event for media through Twitter and on

Teaching Assistant, Prof. Denise Mann, UCLA                  July 2010 – August 2010

  • Graded papers for television industry history course
  •          Assisted in lecture and Power Point design
  • Met with students by appointment to discuss paper topics, research methodologies and answer academic questions

Intern, The Sundance Institute, Los Angeles, CA                  May 2008 – August 2008

  • Read and tracked grant proposals for the Sundance Documentary Fund.
  • Learned about the non-profit mandate for granting funds to film-makers and the brand identity of certain festivals.
  • Tracked films for the Sundance Film Festival for competition in Programming Department for the 2009 Festival line up.


Hero and Legend Status – Legends of Frontierland, Disneyland

July 2014- September 2014

YouTube Certification- Audience Growth

July 2014 – July 2015

University of California-Los Angeles

September 2009-June 2011

Degree: M.A. In Cinema and Media Studies

G.P.A: 4.0

Courses of Note:

  •       THEA C446A &446B- Disney Imagineering, Bruce Vaughn, Fall 2010, Winter 2011
  •       FTV298- Film Exhibition After 1970, Ross Melnick, PhD, Spring 2010
  •       FTV 202- Media Audiences and Cultures of Consumption, Prof. John Caldwell, Fall 2010
  •       FTV201-Media Industries and Cultures of Production, Prof. John Caldwell, Winter 2011
  •       FTV204- Visual Analysis, Prof. Steve Mamber, Winter 2011
  •       FTV209D- Animated Film, Prof. Celia Mercer, Winter 2011

Indiana University-Bloomington

August 2007-May 2009

Degree: B.A. in Communication and Culture, with Honors

Minor: History specialization in Cold War American History

G.P.A: 3.9



  • Themed Entertainment Association                                      Spring 2011- Present
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies                           Spring 2009- Spring 2013


Computer Literacy: File Maker Pro, CVent, YouTube Content Management System

Interest include:  Dancing, Variety Arts, Costuming, Themed Entertainment, Transmedia Storytelling, LARPs, ARGs, Travel, Cooking and Eating.


Upon Request

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